Monday Morning Gang

PCCC Monday Club – The Unsung Heroes


The Monday Club, at Pudsey Congs Cricket Club, are a team of nine volunteers whose skills range from Joiners, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics and various other jobs required throughout the cricket season.

Jobs include the repairing of the sightscreens which also need a new coat of paint, repainting the changing rooms and repairing any damaged woodwork. Lighting and plumbing was also carried out. This year we had an invasion of wasps to sort out.

Along with the maintenance of the field, i.e. grass cutting, hedge trimming, collecting litter etc, the Monday Club contribute quite a lot to the overall condition of the Club and its grounds.

Did you know that during the winter months, all the seating is dismantled, repaired, repainted and erected for the coming season. So when you are watching the cricket with the sun beating down and a pint of lager in hand, raise your glass to the unsung heroes who made it all possible for you.


Cheers Mike Barr

The Monday Club Heads to Liverpool (Land of the Fab Four)

“The Monday Club” – compromising of joiners, electricians, grass cutters, engineers, etc who all contribute to the upkeep of the Pudsey Congs Cricket Club throughout the season, decided to down tools on Monday 11th September 2017 and head for the city of Liverpool.

Boarding the train to Leeds then onto Liverpool, arriving at Lime Street station, we found to our surprise that 5 minutes away was the establishment of J.D. Wetherspoons for which we are eternally grateful. The building itself was splendid, comprising of glass and wood with a most ornate ceiling.

Complementing the décor the food wasn’t bad either – fish and chips, scampi and pies along with the local ale was just the job before confronting the blustery Albert Dock.

Approaching the Dock, first thing we saw was a statue of Billy Fury with a garland of flowers at his feet.

Our party split up when others decided to go in search of the infamous Cavern which echoed the sounds of the Beatles, Merseybeats, Cilla Black and Billy J Kramer.

On a magical mystery tour the City Centre has been transformed with shops, fountains, art galleries and of course the search for the Yellow Submarine. We carried on around the dockland with its souvenirs and shops. By this time the waves from the Mersey were spilling over the railings and at one point Sam lost his cap, and if it wasn’t for the weight of badges on it, it would have gone flying into the choppy waters.

With the weather turning distinctly chilly we decided to head back to Wetherspoons for tea.

Catching the train back we all said it had been a day to remember.

The Ferry across the Mersey had to be cancelled for the people on it but the Fab Four statues still stood proud in the square symbolising the Liverpool of today and yesteryear.

Cheers, Mike Barr

The Monday Morning Gang is off to Hull

On Monday 5th June 2017, the Monday Gang decided to storm this famous city – ‘storm’ being the operative word!!

Catching the train from New Pudsey to Leeds was the first step. Boarding the train from Leeds to Hull we set out our plans for the day, which due to the appalling weather didn’t add up to much. The first port of call was to visit ‘Fred’ at the betting shop. After placing our bets on mainly losing horses, we found our way to one of the main attractions in this city of culture (The Maritime Museum), learning how the trawler men still managed to catch fish and avoid being sick at the main time, through the artefacts and paintings of the life of fisherman and onto the various weapons of harpooning whales, it was time eventually to think of food obviously avoiding fish and chips!

After a sumptuous meal and drink at Yates’s, we went separate ways as we said we would as the main attraction in Hull is the exhibition of The Deep. Billy & Bob went to visit other art galleries while myself, Derrick, Alan, Roy, Ken and Sam took a taxi to The Deep. Starting with The Origin of the Species right through to the tanks of differing sizes of fish from the very colourful to tiger sharks, leopard sharks, sting rays and a lovely coral island and going through a tunnel where sharks and various species of marine life swan silently and ghostly above our heads.

After the exhibition we all met up again at Yates’s for Fish & Chips etc. Catching the train back to Leeds we all reflected on a great day out despite the weather to visit the City of Culture – Hull.

Cheers, Mike Barr

Monday Morning Gang Christmas Fuddle

Monday Gang Christmas Fuddle 2014 (2)

The Monday Gang enjoying their fuddle after another year of hard but enjoyable work down at the Britannia Ground, thanks for all your hard work in 2014 for Pudsey Congs.