April 6, 2021

Update May 20, 2021

Covid-19 Risk Assessment 2021

Please find below the Pudsey Congs Risk Assessment Document for 2021 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Amendment

1.  Will you be using your dressing rooms and if so, what will be the capacity of each dressing rooms with social distancing in place. You should indicate how your club plans plan to manage them to ensure usage is kept to a minimum. Will showers be in use?

A: Yes, 5 capacity per changing room. We plan to have signage on the door to the dressing room stating capacity and home captains will make players and away captains aware. Showers will not be in use initially but plan to make them available shortly. Once available we will update the league.


2. Does your club plan to provide teas and will these be offered to players, umpires, scorers and spectators.

A: No we don’t plan to provide teas for now. 


3. How does your club plan to ensure that all spectators are socially distanced and that those receiving hospitality continue to receive table service only either inside or outside the clubhouse.


A: We will have officials at the ground ensuring social distancing is in place as well as table service is being applied and signage will also be up around the ground. 


April 8, 2021

Re-Opening of Pudsey Congs Cricket Club

Face Coverings MUST be worn when you are not seated at a table, these are now a Legal Requirement


Please note that the access to Toilets will be via the Car Park entrance and Exit onto the Balcony


Social Distancing MUST be observed, this is a Legal Requirement


Groups should be a maximum of 6 people from different households OR a group from 2 Households


A distance between different groups must be 2 metres. You must not move around different groups


Anyone deemed not to be observing Social Distancing or Acceptable Behaviour could be asked to leave


Members accompanied by children are reminded that they are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines

In addition to the existing Track and Trace system, we have QR Posters for the NHS Covid-19 Scheme to scan at various points within the club.

Please download the App if possible as Track and Trace is a Legal Requirement

Anyone refusing to provide contact details will be asked to leave

We ask for your co-operation in these difficult times.