A Big Thank You to the Many Organizers and Helpers

No doubt most of us have been busy with Christmas and trimming up our trees and I would draw your attention to work that has been done on the Intake Road hedge that has hardly been touched for many years.


Taking many days effort, the Monday Gang assisted by James and Graham, have lowered and levelled the hedge, prooned 20 feet high trees, removed spreading ivy and also removed branches at the Swinnow Road end that have been obstructing the movement of the sightscreens. A big job very well done indeed.

Another big undertaking was the organisation of two recent social events on successive Sunday afternoons which generated fun, income,and a cracking social atmosphere, the highlight of course was the visit of Santa Claus to many happy children.

Finally many thanks to the ‘boffins’ who have repaired and reintroduced the video screen behind the bar so - watch that space for the latest news and pictures.

A big thank you to the many organisers and helpers.

A happy Christmas and a healthy New Year to everyone.


Ralph W Middlebrook


Pudsey Congs Cricket Club

Additional note - I would also like to thank everyone involved with the work load they have taken on during the last eighteen months, It is a credit to the club. Let's now look forward to hopefully getting back to some normality in 2022.


Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



Dec 24, 2021


Oct 19, 2021

Pudsey Congs Beer Festival 2021

The COVID delayed beer fest finally got launched on Friday 15th October at 1800 and proved seaworthy onwards to 2300 on Sunday night.

From the start the atmosphere was relaxed, warm and inviting as a steady stream of punters sampled the dozen or so beers on offer plus the shorts bar of Prosecco, Gin and Wines.

A commemorative tankard or shorts glass was included in the entrance fee and of course The Cardinals and The Hillyards provided live music which was warmly welcomed and exciting.
The pace never appeared to slacken as many Club members got stuck into the bar, catering and other duties with gusto. It was a big team effort throughout the three days of energy ,friendship and fun.

A big thank you to all who planned, implemented and successfully gave their expertise to benefit the occasion which has given a good financial Autumn boost to our bank account. 

A special thank you to Sue who sailed through the entire process and was still smiling at noon on the Monday as things got back to normal.

Thanks and well played everyone.

Ralph W Middlebrook
Pudsey Congs Cricket Club

Fiddle Drill

One of the BBC 1 ‘The Repair Shop’ 2000 hours Wednesday 13th October, conservators repaired a fiddle drill which was similar to the implement used by Michael Hirst’s uncle Fred to sow the grass seed on our square in late 1970’s. David Tomlinson had very kindly prepared (ploughed) the area with a large tractor to produce soil of a fine tilth.
Members then tamped the square level under the guidance of Derek Wilkinson, a process normally used laying concrete.
This took many hours of back breaking work but was readily tackled by many club members.
Top effort.
Nature then took its course and some time, maybe  a couple of weeks or so later Bill Smart, a founder Trustee, cut the square for the first time with a rotary (not cylinder) mower to ensure the fledgling shoots were not uprooted.
The square has had many custodians since those early days notably Chris Kay and Graham Curtis and with such skill and attention, no wonder it is arguably the finest in the Bradford League.

Ralph W Middlebrook

Oct 16, 2021


Sept 13, 2021

After 40 years, Bingo has ended

Approximately 40 years of bingo, it ended in style on Monday 13th September with larger prize money than usual as reserves were distributed to all winners. The sad fact is that attendance’s had on occasions dwindled to single

figures making the evening uneconomic.

Due regards and thanks we’re paid to Malcolm Sowden and Roy Smith for their long standing service making the evening full of humour and good will. New boy Jim Holmes who has taken the mantle of caller with his own style and ensuring the final evening was as good fun as it always has been.

Ralph W Middlebrook


Sept 27, 2021

Major William Booth Pavilion at Fulneck
The President, myself, Graham and Macca were invited to opening of the magnificent new cricket pavilion on 22nd of September and it turned out to be a memorable occasion.
The impetus for the project came initially from a healthy donation from a relative of Major Booth who played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club before the First World War and was a pupil at the school. Sadly the famous cricketer fell on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. However his name lived on (Major was his Christian name) and there is a stained glass window in Pudsey Parish Church in his memory.
The supporters of Fulneck School worked hard to supplement the initial donation and, after some difficulties, raised sufficient funds for building work to commence. After more problems, Covid, the building was completed this year and used by the pupils at fixtures for Fulneck, a quality facility perfectly positioned in the delightful setting alongside the cricket square amid the extensive playing fields. Fittingly the pavilion was opened by another distinguished former pupil Richard Hutton, who also played for Yorkshire and England.
In front of all the current pupils and guests, the comments by Richard and the donor ensured that this important development plays a significant role in the continuation of Pudsey’s proud cricketing history.
A memorable day indeed, well played.
Ralph W Middlebrook
Pudsey Congs Cricket Club
For the record, Pudsey Congs have been partners with the School in promoting schools cricket sharing each other’s facilities since the 1980s. 

June 23, 2021

New mobile covers purchased for the Britannia Ground
IMG_20210703_094817_9 (003).jpg

In my match report versus Gomersal, I referred to our new covers delivered last week. Three roll on mobiles, side sheets to cover two adjacent pitches and finally sheets to cover the bowlers run ups. Sturdy, yet light enough, ideally for two people to move from boundary to square. They must be placed in order as flaps have to be placed to cover the space in between each mobile.

Theses covers coupled with drainage work completed a few years ago, should increase chances of play after rain which has beaten our efforts in the past to start play on our clay based ground.

Last October we approached a supplier, Total Play Ltd, who do a lot of work for and on behalf of the ECB and also advised us (free of charge) on the work required to manage the boundary drainage scheme, to quote for covers and we received a very good offer. After much discussion with Club officials regarding finance we placed an order. Then the dreaded COVID bug hit suppliers. It also reduced the number of staff who could normally work in workshops etc, so that whilst there was much work available, the limits of social distancing cut production by half.

However they duly arrived and look very professional parked in Les Harsley’s corner (Les a former player and junior manager) and needless to say Graham and other ground staff are very pleased at the improvement the covers will bring to our playing surface and standards in providing quality pitches.

I thank the Trustees and Treasurer for their support in this expensive venture and of course Graham for his advice throughout.


Ralph W Middlebrook


Pudsey Congs Cricket Club

IMG_20210703_094845_3 (003).jpg
vice president.jpg

May 25, 2021

Four Long Serving members are Elected Vice President

At a recent Committee meeting, four long serving members were elected as Vice Presidents, an honour of their valued service to Pudsey Congs Cricket Club both on and off the field of play.

Michael Brook

Graham Curtis

Ken Hall

Andre Stolarski


In the absence of the Membership Card system, a framed list of all Vice Presidents and indeed Life Members, are on display in the main lounge.


Ralph W Middlebrook



Sept 20, 2019

Special thanks from our Canadian friends

This past August, we had the pleasure of visiting the Amber Cars Britannia Ground in Pudsey to partake in a fun filled couple of hours of cricket. Special mention and thanks must go out to Ralph, Macca and Joe for helping to organize the match and taking time out of their busy schedules. Also to our umpires, Ralph and Michael, thanks for helping us out with the rules, looking the other way on certain calls and making the day memorable for all of us. 

Good luck in the upcoming season, thank you, your Canadian friends......

Glen, Sean, Tim and the gang.....


The two teams outside the Congs Clubhouse


Abby, Emma & Tim ready to bat


Tim Fawcett, Rookie Wicketkeeper


Macca, Quinn & Joe take the field