Jan 6, 2021

2021 AGM Update

With the latest lockdown conditions laid down, it is obvious that the 2021 AGM cannot be held as stipulated in the Cricket Clubs constitution.


Members can be assured that Management Committee and especially its officials, are functioning quietly and efficiently on everyone’s behalf and that as soon as the restrictions are lifted, the formal notice will be issued informing members of the date and time.


Meanwhile we all must continue ‘to grin and bear it’ and look forward to a return to some sort of normality as soon as possible.


Best wishes


Ralph W Middlebrook


Pudsey Congs Cricket Club


Dec 21, 2020

Good News on Sam Miller

Members may like to receive some good news which is that Sam is back at home after his operation

and says that he will be down at the Cricket Club as soon as possible.


For those of you that know Sam, you will know at the tender age of 99, he is one of the real joys of life.

Sam said he cannot wait to be back at the club and to be helping out with the Monday Gang.


Great news in what is a tough time for everyone!

Good news indeed.

Ralph W Middlebrook


Dec 20, 2020

Update from Ralph and Derrick

As this crazy year draws to a close, I think it is important to take stock of our  achievements, progress and

plans for the future.

The President and myself feel that our Cricket Club has made significant strides in the correcting and

rebuilding of our financial situation. We have had considerable assistance from Leeds City Council, the England and Wales Cricket Board and various suppliers who, despite feeling a severe pinch themselves, have never the less been supportive.

The year saw a huge improvement in our performances on the cricket field with both Bradford League teams winning their respective competitions and eventually when we were allowed to play, there was energy and effort in practice sessions and in the fixtures with all three teams being fully staffed. Full marks to all for effort, skill and enthusiasm.

The work on our premises and ground has been immense in both periods of lockdown. Maintenance of the fabric and playing area continues apace and with the benefits of the income from net bookings, work has taken place on our machinery and overdue repairs have been undertaken. The erection of the safety screen and

plans for a new notice board plus the arrival of lockers are to be welcomed.

The inside of the pavilion has been refurbished and quietly and efficiently security visits both inside and out

are regularly carried out. Our paid staff are on furlough and work on grant aid continues apace.

All of this is carried out by members of the Management Committee and other volunteers who, despite lockdown, are still hard at work preparing for when we are able to resume normality - whenever that maybe.

Two of our members, Nellie Sutcliffe and Winnie Hirst, have received their first vaccinations which is a sign of our preparations for the first fixtures in April when hopefully we are all safe thanks to the nations medical scientists and the fabulous NHS.

What next? Michael Hirst would be delighted to hear of any sponsorship opportunities. Matthew Hullah is looking forward to receiving members subs and indeed notification of more new membership applications.

All of this voluntary work and effort is greatly appreciated and both Derrick and myself thank everyone concerned, well played.

When any meeting including the AGM can take place is anyone’s guess but we remain optimistic for the good times to return.


In the meantime we both wish everyone a good, safe Christmas and a bright New Year.

Ralph W Middlebrook


Oct 31, 2020

Update on the Lockdown Situation

In view of the lockdown imposition, the Club will open at 17:30 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday. It will close as recent normal - 22:00 hours.

Furthermore the Committee meetings will not now fully take place but instead any 6 of the 7 following officials will meet as and when any issues arise, but will not authorise any major changes without all members of the Committee being involved. They are President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees and Michael Hirst (Bar). Other members may be coopted for any particular matter but only 6 can gather.

The premises will be patrolled and entered on a regular basis.

Any queries on lockdown please speak to the Secretary.

Ralph W Middlebrook

Effective Sept 24, 2020

Changes in Effect - Sept 24th, 2020

Following new Laws imposed by HM Government with Effect From Thursday 24th September 2020:

The Club will close at 9.30pm*  and Table Service ONLY will be in operation

*Last Orders at 9.30pm and Time at the Bar at 9.40pm

Face Coverings MUST be worn when you are not seated at a table - These are now a Legal Requirement


Please note that the ENTRANCE to the Club will now be via the main door on the balcony and EXIT via the door

to the Car Park.

Smokers please EXIT into the Car Park and re-enter by the main door on the balcony

Please walk to the Left Hand Side when in the corridors to/from Toilets and Century Suite

The recent requirements for Social Distancing MUST be observed - This is now a Legal Requirement

Groups should be a maximum of 6 people both indoors and outside

A distance between different groups of 6 must be 2 metres, you must not move around different groups

Music must be kept at a low level- this INCLUDES Commentary on Sporting Events (see below)

Anyone deemed not to be observing Social Distancing or Acceptable Behaviour could be asked to leave

In addition to the existing Track and Trace system, from Thursday 24th September we will have QR Posters for

the NHS Covid-19 Scheme to scan at various points within the club. Please download the App if possible

Track and Trace is now a Legal Requirement


We ask for your co-operation in these difficult times.


Also Note:                                                                                                                              

  • All Adults must have a valid Membership - Payment can be made when visiting the club or online

  • Contact details must be provided for Track & Trace purposes

  • Hand sanitizer will be available on entry to the club and at various points around the premises

  • The Fire Exits will remain closed and used in Emergencies ONLY

  • A 1 in 1 out system will be in operation for toilets*

       *Young children can be accompanied by an adult but you must all enter and leave together

  • Members accompanied by children are reminded that they are responsible for supervising them at all times

       and should follow social distancing guidelines

  • Tables and Chairs have been set out to conform with guidelines and we would therefore stress that these

       should NOT be moved

  • In the event of bad weather, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone inside the

       club whilst maintaining social distancing as required - however both rooms will be set up accordingly

  • Please take any personal rubbish home with you (Tissues, Nappies etc)

  •  Whilst we will show sport on the TVs, you are required not to gather around them and noise levels are to be

        kept to a minimum. Should this not be adhered to we will have no option but to stop showing the live matches

Sept 22, 2020

Revised Opening Times

Pudsey Congs Cricket Club


Revised Opening Times


Monday - 7pm to 9.30pm*

Thursday - 7pm to 9.30pm*

Friday - 7pm to 9.30pm*


Saturday - 4pm to 9.30pm*

Sunday - 1pm to 9.30pm*

With effect from Thursday 24th September

*Last orders at 9.30pm and Time at the Bar at 9.40pm


face coverings MUST be worn when you are not seated at a table


Due to the revised Laws, the Quiz will not take place on Mondays - further details to follow

Please also note the revised one-way system

  • The ENTRANCE to the Club will now be via the main door on the balcony and EXIT via the door to the Car Park

  • Smokers please EXIT into the Car Park and re-enter by the main door on the balcony.

  • Please walk to the Left Hand Side when in the corridors to/from the Toilets and Century Suite

Sept 8, 2020

Please observe our Social Distancing Rules

Everyone is aware of the pandemic gripping our Country.

It is important that in our premises social distancing is and MUST be observed.

If a case of Covid -19 arises in our midst, the consequence could be catastrophic.

Failure to adhere to this request might result in being asked to leave the premises.


The Committee

Pudsey Congs Cricket Club

May 9, 2020

Macca Gaunt is running around Pudsey for #Team Lewis

Pudsey Congs player Macauley Gaunt hasn’t let lockdown put him off from donning his whites and pads!


As a part of #TeamLewis, he has completed a 10km run in his cricket attire as they aim to run 1870km in the month of May in aid of Alder Hey Children’s Charity during their #RunSoloAH campaign.


He has been well supported by fellow Congs members and has also received support from Club President Derrick Reason and Club Chairman Ralph Middlebrook during his jaunt around Pudsey.


Well batted Macauley! If you wish to donate towards their fundraiser you can do following this link:

Macca kitted out and ready to go

Not to be outdone, Linnerz has a go in Glasgow

Sept 20, 2019

Special thanks from our Canadian friends

This past August, we had the pleasure of visiting the Amber Cars Britannia Ground in Pudsey to partake in a fun filled couple of hours of cricket. Special mention and thanks must go out to Ralph, Macca and Joe for helping to organize the match and taking time out of their busy schedules. Also to our umpires, Ralph and Michael, thanks for helping us out with the rules, looking the other way on certain calls and making the day memorable for all of us. 

Good luck in the upcoming season, thank you, your Canadian friends......

Glen, Sean, Tim and the gang.....

The two teams outside the Congs Clubhouse

Abby, Emma & Tim ready to bat

Tim Fawcett, Rookie Wicketkeeper


Macca, Quinn & Joe take the field

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